Vaping can appear confusing for someone who’s new to it. Pop into your local Vape Shop and the sheer volume of devices and accessories available quickly becomes overwhelming. But with simple information and a trusted source, you’ll be able to choose the best device for you, so that you have a great vaping experience.

We are here to help. ‘It’s that simple is our motto and here’s how our range lives up to this:

Low maintenance

Our vapes and e-liquids can be found in most leading supermarkets, such as Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco. Plus petrol stations and convenience stores across the UK. From instant-use cig-a-likes to vape pens that use pre-filled e-liquid capsules or pods to make it easy to swap between flavors, we offer a simple range of devices that don’t require regular maintenance or frequent cleaning.

Quality & reliability

All of our products are tested to meet the highest quality and safety standards required by European regulation and are backed by a large team of researchers, scientists, and testers, dedicated to creating a whole new vaping experience.


We know how busy life can get and we don’t want you to waste time dealing with complicated devices. Logic is time-saving. Our simple devices are designed to help you vape on the go in the middle of a hectic life. Switch between e-liquid flavors in seconds, quickly charge your battery via USB, and find vapes and refills in your local supermarket.