Tobacco or Vaping? This question is very common among smokers looking to quit, but not many are able to make a decision. Mostly due to the lack of information available. Most smokers who have switched to vaping do so because of the convenience, style, and smoother flow, and most importantly to avoid the dangers of Smoking!

Health risks associated with Tobacco use

People want to go with a choice that is not harmful to their bodies. Tobacco has been associated with many life-threatening diseases, and now people want a safer alternative. Tobacco has harmed enough lives in the past and is continuing to do so. People are becoming more aware of the health effects of both tobacco and vapes. It is believed that vaping is a safer alternative, yet not much research is done on the potential health effects of vapes.

The trend is changing

Different types of vapes are easily accessible and available all across Pakistan. With an increase in vaping trends, the nicotine market is also modifying its ways. This is because of an increase in the demand for vapes. Vendors are also replacing cigarette shelves with vapes. This is how the public interest molds the behavior of any market. People can also buy vapes of different brands in the online market.