HOW CAN I IDENTIFY A PREMIUM VAPE FLAVOR IN PAKISTAN? Premium is a term that gets tossed around a lot — peculiarly when it comes to e-juice. And it’s not even a particular variety of e-juice. Everything from desserts to candy to tobacco e-juice, the term premium can be added to it all. But what does the label mean, and why does it cost higher? Not all premium e-juice is created equivalent or even truly worthy of the title. promise to provide the best and top-of-the-line Premium E-liquid in Pakistan for its valuable customers. in our study, lots of vape shops in Pakistan sell ordinary vape juice at the price of Premium e-juice in Pakistan. so be careful, pay only for what you are getting. Most people who vape in Pakistan do mistakes about the first use of their favorite pods and coils, they use them without doing PRIME. What is a coil or pod priming? It’s technically wetting your wick properly and deeply before any use. Normally refillable pod and replaceable coil take 10 to 15 minutes to get properly wet. If you hit fire button before properly priming, you will get dry hits from your pods and coils.

The second main reason we have notice about burning your coil fast and short pod life. Its is quick/rapid fire without normal delay between puffs.Another factor in reducing pod and coils life is your device battery condition ! Yes , you read right. It’s your battery condition that also effect on your pod kits pod and vape coil life. Mostly mid-range pod kits and even sub-ohm vapes also comes with built-in batteries.