It’s healthier, and less expensive, and the experience can be tweaked to fit your style. Whether you prefer to roll your own or use a glass pipe, there’s a vape to suit your needs. Best of all, you can still use any glass you invested in. Just vaporize with your glass instead of smoke, and enjoy the amazing taste!

Portable vaporizers

Load them up, go wherever you want, and start a session whenever you please. Some options cater to different vaping styles, but the following choices are the best portable vaporizers for a variety of different smokers who wish to quit smoking.

What about my glass bubbler?

If you’re a fan of bubblers, you’re in luck. Each of these vaporizers, like the POTV ONE, offer solutions to hook up to your favorite glass bubbler! Attach the water pipe adapter to your vape, connect it to your bubbler, and enjoy those smooth water-filtered hits that you love, but with better taste.

POTV ONE – the palm-sized powerhouse

The POTV ONE is a palm-sized powerhouse that any smoker should consider. It’s cheap, has a fast heat-up time, and chugs clouds. Start low and introduce yourself to the flavorful warmth of your herbs, or kick it up higher for those dense, punchy hits. Swap out the mouthpiece for the water pipe adapter and feel right at home with your favorite glass bubbler.

Mighty+ – the top performer

The Storz & Bickel Mighty+ represents the very best of dry herb vaporizers. It’s durable, easy to use, and produces the most satisfying flavor and clouds. Its three-button control scheme is simple and sessions are straightforward with thick, tasty clouds whether you use a grinder or not, hit it fast or slow. You’ll be able to pass this vape around a group of friends with confidence.