The sweet experience of brown sugar bottled in vape juice can now be available to you and your clients with the Brown Sugar Vape Liquid brand. With sweetness in mind, these delicious vape juices are here to make fans out of every vaper that happens to try one of their flavors. With custard, cheesecake, cookie, and cereal milk flavors, Brown Sugar Vape Liquid focuses on sugary goodness that is hard to put down.


  • Available in four flavors
  • Available in two sized bottles of 60ml and 100ml
  • Available in three nicotine strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg
  • Features delicious handmade flavors

Crafted by hand, you can now indulge in the guiltiest pleasures by vaping on these delicious flavors that come in 60ml and 100ml bottles. If pastry and dessert flavors are what your store needs, This cheesecake, while not made in a factory, was hand-made to bring you the guilty pleasures of overindulgence.