If smoking lovers want to transition from smoking to vaping correctly, they should know about the proper process. Here, we suggest that they can transition immediately rather than gradually; you can believe that transitioning cold turkey is the best method. Suppose if you are worried about going through nicotine withdrawal, assuming that you have the right product. Then you will face no issue in selecting the right product for yourself. It always bases on your specific need for how much you want to use in your smoking. The Best Transition from Smoking Cigarettes to Vaping,

Salt-based nicotine is a better choice for most vapors than freebase nicotine because salt-based nicotine is more potent. But some new former smoker takes an interest in blowing big clouds or makes rings of smoke., they always want high-power devices that use the freebase nicotine which is less potent per hit. We are providing both salt-based and freebase for your guidance.