When you first start vaping, the sheer amount of choice you’re suddenly faced with and all the decisions you need to make can seem a little insurmountable and overwhelming.

However, something they won’t be able to help you with is the right flavor of e-liquid for you! That’s something only you can decide and it all comes down to personal taste, of course… so you may find that you have to try out various flavors before you find one or two that you really fall in love with.

If you’re struggling to know where to begin, looking at what’s proving popular and what other people are enjoying vaping at the moment can be useful.

Fruity flavors are always going to be popular, so think about what your favorite sweet treats are and perhaps find a flavor that reflects that. Strawberry jam would be perfect, for example, if you love nothing more than the classic jam and toast for breakfast each morning.

Or, if you’re really craving cigarettes and are missing the flavor of an actual real-life cigarette, the good news is that you’re also able to get juices in tobacco flavor, so you can help ease yourself into the world of vaping slowly and gently.

Of course, you may find that the tobacco flavour is simply too reminiscent of real cigarettes for you and is putting you in the path of temptation once again. In this case, simply switch to a different flavour and away you go! Whichever juice you end up going for, you can actually change the flavour and taste of the liquid if you have a variable device. All you need to do is change the settings up or down and you should notice a change.