Most people who vape in Pakistan do mistake about the first use of their favorite pods and coils, they use them without doing PRIME. What is coil or pod priming? Its technically wets your wick properly and deeply before any use. Normally refillable pod and replaceable coil takes 10 to 15 minutes to get properly wet. If you hit fire button before properly priming, you will get dry hits from your pods and coils. And the wick will get burned and you will get burned taste after that. Thickest component of eliquid or ejuice is VG (vegetable-based glycerin).

The second main reason we have noticed about burning your coil fast and short pod life. Its is quick/rapid fire without normal delay between puffs. Users who use vape in Pakistan complain about the short life of their coils and replaceable pods and they don’t notice what they are doing with their E-cigarettes and vape devices. For better performance and long pod life, never chain puff to your vape and pod devices.

Normally after few months of use, the built-in battery reduces its performance and supply low voltage to coils as compared to the original required current. It effects heavily on coil ot pod perfo6and vape user feels they got pods life to an end. In my personal experience with vaporesso Zero pod kit after usage of more than 14 months, built-in battery lost its storing capacity and i feel low vapor and less flavor from almost fresh original zero pod. When i replace same zero pod with another new zero kit, it works like charm. I got perfect flavor rich vapor from same pod.