The JUUL Pod System is a single-use, pod-based e-cigarette developed by leading vape manufacturer JUUL Labs. It’s one of the most popular e-cigarettes on the market and has an especially devoted following amongst young adults. Because of that, it’s also been a hot topic for debate — particularly due to its popularity with teens and young adults who use other nicotine products.

What is the JUUL Pod System?

The JUUL is a pod system that vaporizes nicotine salts, which are the salts found in tobacco. The JUUL is an e-cigarette and is not intended to be used with regular e-liquid.JUUL pods are made of durable ABS plastic, which is individually designed for each individual JUUL Pod System. Inside the JUUL pods is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can last around 5 to 10 days of continuous use. The battery is rechargeable via USB, which means it requires an outlet, and there are plans to release a USB port-less model in the future. It features a spring-loaded bottom that allows the user to refill the e-liquid tank via a funnel when the battery needs a charge. The user can also swap the nicotine dose of each e-liquid from 0% to 36%.
Each JUUL Pod System comes with two pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, a refillable tank, an attached USB charger, and two spare pods for use during a single charge. The wireless technology used on the JUUL is built into the cartridges and the bottom of the pods. This means that users can dock the device to have it charged over a wired connection, or avoid the need for portable chargers altogether. Two pods can be used at one time.

The JUUL Pod System in Pakistan A Guide to the E-Cigarette in Pakistan

When the device is initially charged, it can last between 1 and 4 hours on a single charge depending on the design of the JUUL Pod System. Users can get up to 11 hours of power from two pods. There’s some controversy around charging time because being able to plug the product into an outlet for a quick charge is a common feature on most mobile phones. However, the USB port-less model of the JUUL may have a real-life usage time of up to six hours, while some of the company’s experts believe it may only take between two and four hours to fully charge from zero.

How does the JUUL use nicotine?

The JUUL uses nicotine salts, a type of nicotine that is said to be easier on the throat than traditional freebase nicotine (which is used in vapes like the Pax 2), because it’s absorbed into the bloodstream faster than freebase nicotine. While not FDA-approved for use by anyone under the age of 18, some retailers are already selling the JUUL to people under 18, which is definitely a cause for concern.

Both the Pax 2 and the JUUL Pod System feature data and battery health sensors, but apart from those, their feature sets are quite different.
The JUUL Mobile App, available for iOS and Android, lets you monitor how much battery is left via a replacement pod’s LED light, 16 gauge gauge like you’d find in a cigar, or through a connected smartphone. On top of that, the pods have a battery health feature that can go green if your battery is nearing empty when you vape on one of them for a couple of hours (or ten if it’s your birthday week), and red if your battery is fully charged.

While this feature does a good job of reminding you to refill your JUUL battery if it’s getting low on power, it doesn’t appear to do much for your chances of getting addicted to your pods. Perhaps because of that, you can download the JUUL Mobile App to your iPad and use it as a second device to vape with when you’re away from your tab. Regardless, using the pod-based vape system on your mobile device grants you the advantage of using a vape that’s attached to your phone, which means you can take your JUUL with you and use it outside when you want to use your e-cigarette in public.
When you’ve finished vaping on one of the JUUL pods, it’ll power down and auto-lock, leaving your pod-based vape connected to your phone until it’s unlocked by you — still like you can control your vape from your phone.

Who makes the JUUL?

It’s made by a company called Juul Labs. The JUUL Pod System is a device that contains a pod holding two pre-filled liquids: e-liquid or e-cigar flavor, and liquid MTL (Nicotine Salt formulation) — used in vaping products like cigarettes and vape pens. In simplest terms, the specific means Juul creates a cartridge for either of the two liquids contained in their pods.

On the other pole is vaper advocate Jessica Ver Steegen, who supports the device and says that the FDA needs to do more research on how to regulate the devices.

JUUL Labs themselves says that they have received over 2 million dollar in government funding for their vape-related research. The pod-based e-cigarette is one of the more innovative products in the vaping industry. In fact, according to IQ Drops, JUUL receives over 50% more orders from colleges and universities than any other vapes.

Is the JUUL safe? Is it healthy?

The JUUL is a vape device that is getting a lot of attention, and it’s not necessarily for the right reasons. We’ve spoken to a lot of people about this device because it’s so popular with young adults and teens, and the word on the street is that it’s not that healthy.(And as we previously reported, there are major safety concerns with e-cigs for people who have a history of smoking.)

This is absolutely true, but not for the reasons you might think. At A.V. Club, our writers have talked to people who use the JUUL for everything — up to and exceeding 200 joints per day. Even for people who haven’t smoked a cigarette in the last 10 years, vaping continues to be a drug, as anyone who’s tried a hit of weed can tell you. It’s addictive, causing users to keep vapes around for days on end, and with extended use, users can develop a dependency on nicotine. That’s a problem, considering that vaping affects the body in much the same way that illicit drugs do, and should be treated as such.

Upon closer inspection, the JUUL is actually not so bad compared to other vapes. It’s a pretty well-built device, with a large battery made from a lithium-ion polymer. It weighs about the same as a pack of ten cigarettes and is packaged in a very discreet, dental-floss container. On top of the battery and small pod containing e-liquid, there’s a secondary chamber where you’ll find a button to start and stop vaping and two different colored filters that allow you to customize your vaping experience. Most importantly, two magnets hold the remaining parts in place while allowing you to pivot it around to use it on different kinds of surfaces. The magnets have a non-stick coating so they won’t run off your table, and there’s also a built-in wall adapter that you can attach to allow users to use the device outdoors. These are all great features, which help make the JUUL less intimidating even if you think it’s going to be totally trash.

How much does a JUUL cost and where to buy it online in Pakistan?

The JUUL is one of the most popular vaping devices in the world, and it’s very popular in Pakistan. If you want to buy a JUUL, you can do so on, and the device will be delivered to your door. The price of a JUUL in Pakistan is Rs.4,500.And we won’t even tell you the tax you’ll have to pay on top of it.

Quarantine has certainly seen its fair share of marketing and advertisements, all of which fall under the blanket of COVID-19 — but a product that’s meant to help smokers quit could possibly fall under it. Whether that is incumbent upon the e-cigarette manufacturer or if in fact, these products have helped some smokers quit the deadly habit, remains to be seen. But if it is an option that the user being given the choice is willing to avail, then it certainly is a market worth exploring.

Would you believe that the JUUL starts from Rs.3,499 on If the price seems high to you, it’s not a surprise. According to JUUL Labs, the product goes for much less than that. “The price of the product is just a reflection of its popularity and demand.”

The JUUL isn’t a ‘reward’ at all — it’s meant to be a step up from mild vaping. Sure, we’re talking about a product meant to help regular smokers quit, but that doesn’t mean its popularity should be decremented to that extent.