Vape Pod frameworks have been picking up prevalence over ongoing months. Regardless of whether you have not attempted one i’m certain you have caught wind of vape units. However, you may at present be asking ” What is a Pod system, and how is it unique?” A Pod is the center ground between your starter e-cig and the further developed vape mods. Vape Pods enable you to appreciate crisp e-liquid without every one of the difficulties of the further developed box mod frameworks, which can be scary and mistaking for some new vapers. Pods originated from the possibility that you could have a gadget with its own particular refills particular for that gadget. The refills are fundamentally little bottles of eLiquid that you simply pour into your gadget. In this way wiping out the requirement for suppresses of juice. Whatever is left of the gadget is like some other e-cigarette. The batteries are genuinely little in contrast with mods, more often than not having limits of around 600-1000 mAh, yet they can be greater than this at times. The “limit” of a battery essentially reveals to you to what extent it will last between charges. We, at Tranzax vapors, carry a vast variety of Vape pods at the best, cheapest and most lower prices in Pakistan.

What Are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine salt is a chemical formulation of nicotine that decreases its harshness, allowing vapers to comfortably get more nicotine while inhaling less vapor. The terms nicotine salts, nic salt, salt nic, or salt nicotine all mean a similar thing. It’s not table salt (sodium chloride); it doesn’t make your e-liquid salty and it won’t increase your sodium intake. In chemistry terms, a salt is an impartial charged ionic compound made from an corrosive and base. Smoother than freebase vape juice, nicotine salts enable you to vape higher convergences of nicotine. You devour less squeeze, making them more cost-effective. Basically, nic salts give you all the more value for your money. We, at Tranzax vapors, carry a decent variety of Nicotine Salts at the best, cheapest and most lower prices in Pakistan.


Aspire Breeze:

Aspire Breeze is a small portable all in one e-cigarette kit that is much easy to carry and use. Aspire Breeze is MTL (mouth to lung) device with the rated capacity of 650 mAh. It is refillable and instead of coughing up one-third of the device’s cost for a new pod pack and, you just have to fill it with your desired e-liquid. Aspire Breeze 1 and Breeze 2 both are available at Tranzax vapors Pakistan.

Vopoo Panda:

The VOOPOO PANDA AIO Starter Kit is the ideal moderate AIO set up, highlighting a 1100mAh battery-powered battery and a 5mL refillable case cartridge with two kinds of curl framework – providing food for consistent E-Liquid and nicotine salts. The VOOPOO Panda holds things to a moderate outside outline its adjusted handheld shape. The inside usefulness provides food for nicotine salts e-fluid, in spite of the fact that it is as yet good with other non-nicotine salt planned juices. There are two units to browse, a 1.2ohm case terminating at 8W for nicotine salts and a 0.8ohm case that flames at 12W for normal e-juice. Its lightweight plan is complimented by the replaceable external case for those that need to blend and match hues to be one of a kind or to keep up the solid plant look. With its dependable incorporated battery and dynamic refillable unit choices, the Panda AIO Pod System is certain to be a fan top choice. Voopoo panda available in Pakistan at Tranzax vapors.


Are Vape Pods and Salt Nics safe?

Since the main distinction between nicotine salt juice and standard e-juice is the incorporation of benzoic corrosive, salt nic is likely no pretty much safe than freebase nicotine e-fluid. The World Health Organization International Programme on Chemical Safety prompts consuming no more than 5 mg per kilogram of body weight per day, which would break even with around 345 mg for a 150-pound individual — probably an inconceivable add up to vape, considering that 1 mL of salt e-fluid contains only a couple of milligrams of benzoic corrosive.


To Sum up, the trend of vape pods with salt nic is growing day by day and It won’t be any wrong to say that vape pods are the future. Ease to carry, economic and satisfying needs better are various benefits of these pods that make them more preferable than DL devices. Therefore, If you are looking to quit smoking and find a better yet less harmful alternate, you can dial our helpline anytime (0345-2277766). If you are a resident of Karachi, find our location on google and visit us. Cheers!

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