From structure of innovation, Jul pods in Pakistan are anything but easy to use, as there are no catches or switches. The JUUL Device is a vaporizer that has controlled temperature control and uses JUUL-pods loaded up with an exclusive e-fluid definition that joins nicotine, benzoic corrosive, propylene glycol, glycerin, and flavor. These characteristics are special to JUUL and permit you to encounter opportunities from the wreckage of cigarette debris and smell. By obliging cigarette-like nicotine levels, JUUL gives fulfillment to satisfy the guidelines of grown-up smokers hoping to change from smoking cigarettes.

  • The JUUL Portable Charging Case allows you to charge your JUUL Device while you’re on the go.Portable Charging Case
  • This JUUL VIRGINIA TOBACOO 5% - PACK OF 4  of Virginia Tobacco Juulpods taste does not get much more pure than this authentic flavour you get from these unmistakable true taste pure Virginia tobacco leaf.
  • Original Juul Kit in Pakistan

    Silver Juul Basic Device Kit Includes:
    • Rechargeable JUUL battery, Version 3
    • USB Charger
    And Always Includes Free Shipping! The Original Juul Kit Limited Edition in Pakistan in Silver Juul gives this vape a sleek silver finish. Quantities are Limited.
  • Juul Ruby Red Kit in Pakistan

    Meet Ruby, receive our new limited edition JUUL in Ruby Red. This limited edition starter kit Includes:
    • Rechargeable JUUL battery, Version 3
    • USB Charger
    And Always Includes Free Shipping! The Limited Edition Ruby RED JUUL gives this vape a sleek funky finish. Quantities are Limited.
  • JUUL Menthol 5% – PACK OF 4 A bold menthol flavour with an icy finish, in 18 mg/ml nicotine strength. Each pack contains 4 pods. JUULPods are only compatible with a JUUL Device. Our e-liquid contains a proprietary formulation that combines glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine and benzoic acid. Together with temperature-regulated technology, this proprietary chemistry enables JUUL to deliver a vape experience like no other. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.
  • JUUL CLASSIC TOBACCO 5% – PACK OF 4  4 of Classic Tobacco Juulpods provides a pure tobacco taste that is great for smokers that are transitioning to vaping. These tobacco Juul pods mimic the taste of traditional cigarettes.
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    JUUL Basic Kit Device with Charger

    5,499.00 4,999.00
    The JUUL Electronic Vapor Cigarette by Ploom may just be the first real GREAT e-cig. Ploom has invested a ton of money and research into developing the first truly satisfying e-cigarette for current smokers. The right flavor, consistency, power and nicotine strength. Juul kit device now available in Pakistan at Tranzax vapors.
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    6,999.00 5,499.00
    The JUUL STARTER KIT WITH 2 PODS is an easy-to-use electronic cigarette kit that includes a rechargeable battery that is used with prefilled pods that contain 0.7 mL of eLiquid and have a 5% nicotine by weight.
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    4,500.00 3,999.00
    Mango is the second fruit-flavored salt e-liquid from JUUL. Their Fruit Medley salt e-liquid was so well received that the company decided to offer their customers another fruity taste. These pods deliver a similar experience as all of the other JUUL pods, including exceptional smoothness and an outstanding rush of nicotine, with the incredibly sweet flavor of perfectly ripened mango. You’ll feel l like you’ve been transported to a tropical island with each puff!
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