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Dive into Lemon Tangerine Ice by BLVK Fusion, a synthetic nicotine salt blend of zesty lemons and tangy tangerines with menthol to revitalize the senses.



Introducing BLVK’s new Salt Nic Series, BLVK Fusion Series in Pakistan. For the very first time, BLVK has introduced tobacco-free e liquids with its Fusion Series; bringing some of the amazing mouth-watering flavor fusions you have never tested before. The BLVK Fusion Series include Lemon Tangerine Ice, Passion Grape Ice, Citrus Strawberry Ice, Grape Apple Ice, and Kiwi Pom Berry Ice.

Dive into Lemon Tangerine Ice by BLVK Fusion, a synthetic nicotine salt blend of zesty lemons and tangy tangerines with menthol to revitalize the senses. Get hooked on this citrus overload made up of tangy lemons and zesty tangerine cooled to perfection; a perfect flavor for the citrus lovers out there!

Each inhales of Lemon Tangerine Ice hits the spot with a tangy oranges flavor. Your mouth will be watering as zesty lemon notes trickle down the tongue. A truly zesty experience of lemon and lime with a dose of tangy tangerine, which is topped off by a cooling menthol kick.

Unlike BLVK’s previous series BLVK Pink Series and BLVK Unicorn Series, the BLVK Fusion Series flavors are now formulated with Tobacco-Free Nicotine, synthetic nicotine not derived from tobacco leaves. This may result in a different experience as TFN can reduce the harshness profile typically in regular E-Liquids.

Try this mouth-watering flavor of Lemon Tangerine Ice Salt Nic today. Now available online at Tranzaxvapors

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Our Approach:

At Tranzax we strive to stand out not just in the solutions we provide but making our customer our first priority. We know that switching from traditional smoking to something less conventional is a big step for an individual.

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Our customer service primarily revolve around people. The main aim of our staff at Tranzax  is customer satisfaction. We take pride in services we deliver and in the manner, we deliver that always makes the customer happy. You can see for your self what people has to about our service in our reviews.

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Looking out for an amazing vape experience? You are the right place, no matter which city of Pakistan are you from, Tranzax Vapors offers you a wide collection of vapes, pod mods, pod kits, Juul kits and Juul pods, E-juices freebase nicotine as well as Nicotine salt.

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Being one of the most pioneer vape store in Pakistan, we at Tranzax vapors endeavour to achieve sustainability, launch new and effective products and cater the industry to grow. We are currently distributing 5 E-liquid brands in Pakistan and have more than 90 brands on shelf, available for walk-in customers and for sale all across Pakistan. We believe in quality as our imperative aim and provide 48 hours replacement warranty for any technical faults. Check some of the most best selling salt nic e-juices we have.

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