//Retail Shop at Badar Commercial

Retail Shop at Badar Commercial

“What else would be better than a vaping retail store, where you can have all your quarries fixed and have fun making clouds? We welcome your company at our new retail store at Badar Commercial DHA.
-Come on in and give it a go, to become a part of the “Tranzax vape fam”

For those who are unfamiliar of vaping, vape is an electronic build device to produce long range vapors and it is a an alternate to smoking. The Image above is a silent image saying many things about vaping and making your brain pop a lot of question”.

As you were looking at the image, the first thing you think of is the ambiance which is really very good at “Tranzax Vapors Badar”.   As you will enter the shop you will love its ambiance which is pitcher perfect, the entrance feels like that you’ve entered a wooden house which is the main theme of design, with a sweet smell of large range of E=liquids available at the shop. The Sitting at the shop makes your eyes reach at the whole nook and corner of the shop.

Things on which Tranzax is very much specific about, is there vision. From the very first day of Tranzax stands up to its vision which is to “Satisfy the customer with their vaping needs and not to sell anything which they might not need”.
Both sides of the shops are well managed, Salts on the rights Free bases on the left and hardware and devices in between, when someone comes over they get a proper look the hardware and the products or e-liquids, or do search for what they need next. Here is a small overview on a busy day at Tranzax.

“Tranzax has been in this industry from the very beginning when vaping created hype and made a place in one of the biggest cities in the world “Karachi”. They treat their customers with great honor and also there is a special discount for the loyal and regular customers.”

Tranzax also deals in pod devices which are helpful in quitting smoking; in a matter of fact 70% of the cigarette smokers which are linked in with Tranzax have successes fully said goodbye’s to cigarettes and they are living there life happily.


-A wide range of e-liquids are there at the shop which is very well maintained in the display. You can choose your favorite fruity or caramel flavors depending on your choice and what your taste buds are Immune of.

“The picture attached above is the wide range of Salt Nicotine’s which are for MTL device users. MTL stands for (Mouth to Lung) devices which are specifically made for users which are addicted to nicotine.”


“This here is picture of free bases which comes in 3-6 mg nicotine. These flavors are used in DL devices DL is the short form of “Direct Lung” devices they are commonly used in exhaling plenty amount of smoke”.

This is all the hardware which includes Starter kits, Vape Pens, Mods, Squonk Mods, Various kinds of tank, Batteries Vape carrying bags etc.”

-This shop is made up with care for valuable customers. You will have an ultimate vaping shop experience at Tranzax Badar please do visit us.

Shop no. 1, Plot no 6-E, street no. 2, opp. to UBL bank, Badar Commercial Area Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, 75500

0322 5852206