Disposable vapes have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, with more and more vapers joining the trend. Quite simply, this is because disposable vapes offer a huge number of benefits – namely, being effortlessly simple to use on-the-go, and being cheap to buy too. In this post, The Vape Life team takes a closer look at the biggest benefits of disposable vapes.

The biggest pro of going for a disposable vape, compared to more conventional vapes, is that they are effortlessly simple and straightforward to use. Whenever you need to use a disposable vape, you will be able to do so in seconds. All you need to do is inhale and go; it’s as easy as that to operate your disposable vape on a daily basis.

Furthermore, disposable vape pens are much more affordable at first and makes it a great choice to get into vaping. You don’t need to buy a big kit or device, you can simply purchase your disposable vape for a low price, and then get on with using it immediately. Once you’ve used few disposables you will have a good idea how vaping feels and when you’re ready you can invest in a device.