As much as we’d jump at the chance to imagine that Vaping is just useful, the regular daily papers and web journals evoke the unsafe impacts of vaping. What’s the genuine story?

As per investigate, obviously, the vast majority of the vapors that swung to vaping were previous smokers or on any other addictions. These individuals chose to pick a more beneficial way of life and to dodge a sudden passing, so they decided to vape. In any case, on the other hand, these notorious e-cigarettes have batteries. What’s more, truly, they can detonate. A few critics question that elements of an e juice may be 95 percent more advantageous than the elements of tobacco cigarettes however would we be able to legitimize that 5 percent of destruction? Indeed we can. The advantages of vaping exceed some other enslavement as it doesn’t posture awesome arrangement of threat to your wellbeing.



Regulated Vape Mods are the gadgets that power vaping. Anything that provisions capacity to an atomiser to create vapor is a mod and will dependably highlight a rechargeable battery that is either implicit or replaceable. Over the whole range of gadgets, mods offer a safe vaping background on account of their controlled chips which joined with their different security highlights, for example, low opposition insurance, guarantee mischances don’t occur.

They come in all shapes and sizes to suit each style of vaping, and offer something for each extraordinary vaper – from the most fundamental pen style vapes that offer a basic attachment and play involvement for the learner stepping into vaping, to the substantial double battery temperature controlled box mods for the accomplished client that has more prominent needs and necessities from their gadget. We, at Tranzax vapors, carry a vast variety of Mods, complete vape kits and E- cigarettes at the best, cheapest and most lower prices in Pakistan.


The tank, also known in the Vaping world as an atomizer, a clearomizer, a glassomizer and sometimes even a cartomizer are the combination of the heating element and e-liquid holder that turn your battery from a lithium ion power stick into a VAPORIZER! Ohm I an impotant part of a vape tank which is the name for the unit of electrical obstruction. Bringing down and expanding the measure of obstruction controls how much electrical current experiences your vapor cigarettes.We, at Tranzax vapors, carry a vast variety of E- cigarette tanks at the best, cheapest and most lower prices in Pakistan.


E-juice or vape juice is the fluid used in vaporizers and personal electronic cigarettes that creates the actual vapor.Unlike traditional cigarettes that contain hundreds of toxins and harmful substances, E Liquids only contain 3 or 4 ingredients in calculated quantities.Namely,  Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, natural or artificial flavourings and nicotine (optional).We, at Tranzax vapors, carry a vast variety of E-liquids and Vapeflavours at the best, cheapest and most lower prices in Pakistan.


So, we hope all the major doubts of yours being a beginner are clear now. All you need is a nice and sleak mod with a tank that perfroms well and fulfill your need and off-course an e-liquid of your desired taste. If there is still anything unclear, you can dial our helpline anytime (0345-2277766). Moreover, If you are a resident of Karachi, find our office location on google and visit us or you can visit our online shop for the best vape price in Pakistan.