Whether you’re new to vaping or a regular user, your choice of e-liquid is important. It’s how you get your nicotine hit if you’re vaping to kick the cigarette habit, and it’s what makes the whole vaping experience enjoyable for you.

E-liquid has many labels: e-juice, vape juice, vaping liquid, e-cig juice, and ejuice. But it doesn’t matter what you call it, an e-liquid has just one purpose: to give you a good “throat hit”- the sensation you get from inhaling the nicotine and that smooth satisfying catch as the vapor travels down the throat.

So what does the e-liquid do? In an e-cigarette, vape liquid is converted into the vapours you inhale. It’s important to experiment with different flavours and strengths of e-liquid and with lots to choose from many people say that trying out new flavours is one of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping!


When choosing an e-liquid you’ll probably see them come in a variety of VG/PG ratios, e.g. 85vg/15pg, 50vg/50pg, etc. This means that the e-liquid contains a blend of VG & PG in the proportions listed. It’s important to choose the right VG/PG ratio for you so what do they mean?

VG is a thick, sweet liquid that produces bigger clouds of vapor. VG also gives your liquid a sweeter taste. PG is a much thinner and tasteless liquid. PG gives you more of a “throat hit” than VG does, which simulates the feel of smoking better.

Both VG and PG are non-toxic organic compounds and generally considered safe.

It is important to choose the right VG/PG ratio. If you want a bigger throat hit then choose an e-juice with more PG than VG. On the other hand, if you want more vapour then choose a liquid with a higher VG base.