Most of beginners don’t have a clue on how to store their delicious e liquids without affecting its quality. If you are one of those people, consider yourself lucky to be on the right page.

Without a doubt, storage of our vape juices is as much important as buying the right e-liquid. Why is that? Unfortunately, not all vape juices have a long life. And buying something you don’t like and letting your favorite vape juice rot are pretty much the same things.

How can we maximize the life of e-liquids?

Like all the good things in this world, e liquids also have a tendency to perish once they age; we don’t have a control over that. But what we can do is, we can use couple of tricks to maximize the use and get the best out of them. Check out these 5 basic tips to prolong the life of your e juice.

Keep it away from sunlight and heat

While sunlight may be providing Vitamin D for your bones, it definitely doesn’t do any good to your vape juice. Rays that are present in the light can catalyze the oxidation process. If you crave nicotine in your system, you wouldn’t like its strength to fade away.  Apart from nicotine, it changes the original flavor into something queer.

Don’t keep the e juice in the dashboard of your car

Putting your e juice in your car is like putting it in the oven. With 40 degree Fahrenheit, the state of your e liquid will chance into something else altogether.

Refrigerate your e liquid

Yes, like most of the food products, E liquid is no different. Putting it in your refrigerator can save the ingredients from all kinds of bacteria. But before using your e liquid, make sure you let it stay in the room. This way the thickened e liquid turns into its original state.

Using solid containers      

Well, most people get confused about putting their favorite e juice in a plastic or a metal container. The truth is, you can use both. But it is preferred that you use a glass container if you intend to use it for longer time periods.