Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon that’s growing in popularity by the day. If you’re looking for an alternative to smoking, and you don’t have a lot of money, it might be worth trying. It could be the key that unlocks your ability to quit. But there are some pros and cons to vaping that you should know about before you give it a go. See this article for more information on whether or not vape can help you quit smoking.

Vape The New Way to Quit Smoking

How does vaping work?

e-Cigarettes work by heating a liquid to create a vapour that’s inhaled. The liquid is usually made from nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavorings. Most e-Cigarettes use a battery to heat the liquid, while others use a solar panel.If you’re vaping to help you quit smoking, the vapor will have been generated from combusted tobacco (often referred to as ‘vaping tobacco’). The nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream through your lungs, and it will slowly cross the blood-brain barrier. Inside the brain, the nicotine attaches to the receptors for adenosine, which is responsible for triggering the sensation of feeling ‘stoned’ when you first inhale the e-cigarette. E-cigarettes become saturated with nicotine and some users may also experience a buzz, more than others.

Nicotine is a CHF (combustion by-products) and is highly toxic to your body. It damages the cardiovascular (heart) and cerebrovascular (brain) systems and influences triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Besides causing immediate problems when consumed, nicotine can also build up slowly in your body, over time, causing cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, mental health issues including depression, and cancer. Giving yourself a nicotine hit can be addictive and harmful if you use it repeatedly over a certain period of time.

For these reasons, the FDA has warned against using e-cigarette liquid that contains nicotine, calling it a ‘substantial risk’ to your health. This is because this liquid is commonly used in e-cigarettes, and there is the possibility of nicotine poisoning where the liquid gets into your bloodstream. A vaping liquid with enough nicotine in it could be deadly for you. The FDA also released a statement to remind the public that nicotine is addictive, and it’s harmful to your health if you use it repeatedly.

I know that vapes may look like a gateway to smoking, but using one exclusively won’t lead to a one-size-fits-all solution where nothing compares to a cigarette.

What are the risks of vaping?

People who vape regularly are at risk of developing a lung disease called bronchiolitis obliterans. Vaping also increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Vaping is also a known gateway to smoking cigarettes because it’s a lot easier to transition to cigarettes after you’ve already been vaping.
Besides the obvious drawbacks of vaping, quitting has its own challenges. According to Medical News Today, nicotine withdrawal, the withdrawal symptoms of vaping a cigarette, could be worse than cigarette smoking. Personally, I experienced more anxiety when vaping versus when smoking, and I had trouble concentrating — which may be why quitting hasn’t worked for me yet.

If you’re brave enough to try vaping to help you quit smoking, here are some things you should know. Unfortunately, vaping has caused more throat issues than smoking cigarettes. In fact, we’re all being hit with more chronic and noticeable symptoms of nicotine withdrawal than ever before. Some people even develop nicotine poisoning from vaping, which can further complicate things.

Graham Averill, M.D. from Medical News Today reports that Nicotine vapor can enter the bloodstream even when there is no cigarette present, leading to nicotine poisoning. “The small intestine epithelial cells lining the small intestine have an oxygen sensor and a protein marker. When nicotine exposure occurs, these cells consume oxygen, which causes disruption of their oxygen supply and eventual cell death.”

Interestingly, a lot of vapers are experiencing a physical change due to vaping. This could be due to the wide variety of e-liquid flavors on the market, or because vaping is leading to a shift towards thicker and more complex coils. You can read more about the physical changes vaping can lead to here.
I’ve mentioned it plenty of times, but having a variety of e-liquid flavors can really help you get into the right mindset regarding vaping. Whether you vape menthols or cocoa ice cream, you can always find something that makes you happy and piques your interest.

What are the benefits of vaping?

Vaping is a great way to quit smoking cigarettes. According to a study published in the journal Addiction, e-cigarettes help smokers reduce their cigarette consumption and in some cases quit smoking altogether. The study also indicated that smokers who used e-cigarettes were more likely to have reduced their cigarette consumption by 50% or more than those who did not use the devices. Vaping can also help some quit smoking tobacco cigarettes because the vapor is inhaled instead of smoke, and because of all the toxins, flavorings, and other chemicals that are not in tobacco smoke. However, it is important to note that you still need to smoke traditional cigarettes for the addiction-reducing effects to be effective. Quit smoking with the help of a vape.

To use a vape, you’ll need a battery and a custom tank. These accessories vary in price, so you should look for the one that is most affordable for your needs and your budget. There are 2 types of bluetooth compatible vape tanks. The first one is the tank that is designed to hold e-liquid and a single vape. You fill the tank up to the top with e-liquid, and then you place the tank into your vaping device. Some vapes come with 2 or 3 tanks, some only come with 1, and a few of them have built-in refill points. The second type of tank is the tank that contains a tank that you can screw onto your device. When the tank is inserted, it allows you to vape your e-liquid.

The flavorings that you choose to use will effect the flavor of the e-liquid that is introduced when you vape. Different flavorings work for different vapes. Some vapes only come with flavors such as fruit or chocolate, while some come with flavorings that include menthol, vanilla, apple, strawberry, ashwagandha, peppermint, and a few more. You get a variety of flavors at your local vape shop.

One benefit of vape-assisted nicotine cessation is that it can be used several to several times per day. Create a schedule for when you’ll use vaping and stick to it.

How much money can I save by using a vape starter kit?

Not only is vaping cheaper in the long run, but it’s also cheaper to get started with. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options available to you. That’s why it’s a good idea to start small. It’s not worth getting addicted to e-cigs that are going to be impossible to use when you get serious about real cigarettes. Although vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, it’s still addictive. The effects aren’t always immediate, so you might find yourself hooked before you know it. But that’s okay. With time, you’ll figure out the ways that vaping works best for you. Once you’ve built a foundation for yourself, it’s a good idea to keep vaping the same product for a few months. This way, you’ll be able to tell if there are any kinks in the system and if it’s still giving you the same effects. If you find yourself missing the taste of traditional cigarettes, it’s a good practice to try vaping a different flavor. There is evidence that flavored e-cigs may provide some additional benefits to smokers who can’t quit. Vaping might be time-consuming, but it’s not the same as traditional cigarettes, and that’s why you have to plan how you want to use it carefully. But vaping isn’t something that’s better for everyone. Some people can quit cold turkey, and others could struggle with the process. According to the U.S. Surgeon General, nicotine addiction is a very real phenomenon. If it’s truly something serious enough to stop someone from enjoying their lives, it should never be an easy replacement for it.

The most notable disadvantage of vaping is that it’s not an individually controlled device. Your vaping buddy may modify the flavor of the e-liquid he uses, and he might make some other tweaks as well. Like I said, the effects are not always immediate, so your reaction to those effects could be different from what you expect. Vaping isn’t a completely risk-free experience.

Can I vape indoors or do I need to go outside?

The law in the UK is pretty clear. You can vape indoors as long as you’re not creating a nuisance to other people. It’s always polite to ask the owner or manager of a business if you can vape indoors and if they say no, then it’s best to go outside.

Smoking isn’t allowed inside restaurants in the UK, so if you want to try vaping inside, then you’re probably going to have to go somewhere like a bar or a café. You’re likely to be asked to smoke a non-renewable cigarette, and if you have a small employer, then you have the right to something called ‘Employment and Support Allowance.’ This enables you to vape in a coffee shop if you choose to, but in reality, most employers have codes of conduct that specify what items you can and can’t bring into their place of work.

Being asked to smoke is very unpleasant if you’re a vaper, and you’ve been seeing significant improvement when it comes to lung capacity during and after vaping. But it’s still unlikely you’ll be able to quit smoking right away. It’s not a coincidence that vapes only work because of nicotine.
Nicotine is a drug, so it has properties that justify being called a smoking cessation aid. This is why doctors prescribe nicotine patches for smokers who can’t quit the habit. Doctors don’t think that vapes can help smokers quit either, though, so you should still use caution when friends invite you over to vape at home.