With so much development in the vaping sector taking place, many investors and industrialists are turning their heads to investing in e-cigarettes. More and more people are giving-up tobacco smoking and now adopting the habit of vaping.

Innovation timeline

No one can say for sure. That is the case here because e-cigarettes have been linked to different pioneers in different eras; the earliest termed to be in the 1960s. But why is it that vaporizers did not get recognition of a viable alternative to smoking for bigger corporates?

Herbert A. Gilbert’s innovation in this regard came for the same purpose and need. To put an end to tobacco smoking, he introduced a device AND patented it on 17th April 1965. Gilbert exercised the idea of ‘heating’ rather than ‘burning’ the ‘moistened cartridge (flavor)’.

Eras of Vaping

Following the footsteps of Hilbert, Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, introduced the world to e-cigarettes. He is termed to be the original pioneer of modern-day e-cigarettes by a huge chunk of vaping fraternity, only to be upgraded by another Chinese scientist by name, Dr. Yunqiang Xiu.

Where Gilbert’s model of e-cigarettes is said to be the first generation of vaporizers, Liu’s model is considered second. The third generation saw replaceable e-liquids in the devices which could be refilled. These devices had long battery life owing to their rechargeable nature.

Penny for thought

We are currently living in the fourth generation of e-cigarettes or vaporizers, which have been modified a lot, hence, earning them the title of “mods”.

From chargeable batteries to different shapes & sizes, from a diverse range of flavors to healthier approaches, present-day e-cigarettes are certainly well-maintained. Having said that, there is still room for more upgradation, and with big companies taking an interest, it is evident that people will see more of these devices in times to come.

At present, the industry is estimated to reach a total of $47.11 billion by 2025. Altria has recently bought shares of JUUL in the USA and is working to better the products and reach to the masses. This is just one example of such a case and more people are attracted by industry.

Love for beer or candies, herbs or milk, pod systems or mods, accessories or batteries, e-cigarettes has wrapped the world in their grip, owing to their utility.

Technological advancements have made sure that there is an alternative to tobacco smoking (an alternative that isn’t boring or harmful), and continue to attract more governments and people to adopt it for rehabilitation purposes. Whether the landscape changes or not, e-cigarettes have intensified the ease of having to quit smoking with technological prowess.