For beginners, pods are not just the more affordable option but the most convenient to switch from smoking. With ‘pod vape kits’, you typically get all the essentials included in a purchased bundle to start your vaping experience. Pods are often the preferred choice initially because fewer adjustments are required, compared to more technically adjustable mods. Also, because of the pod’s compact nature, slick design and weight, it’s much easier to carry around.

Due to the common compact shape that’s more narrow and long, in some ways a pod resembles a cigarette. This is ideal for ex-smokers just starting in the vaping world, but struggling to resist the familiar urge of smoking. The cost of vaping may seem expensive when you add up buying the device, liquids, batteries, and coils, but it’s cheaper than smoking.

The easiest and probably the simplest way to describe a vape pod is to think of an e-cigarette and box mod hybrid. A high-powered, super-charged e-cig; vape pods use the sub-ohm technology of box mod within the body of a device the size of a basic e-cig.