Electronic cigarettes, also known as vapes, are good the people who crave for sheesha and/or cigarettes. Vapes are basically flavored smokes available in a variety of tanks. Traditional types of cigarettes and sheeshas are more harmful and cause a lot of serious health problems. There is a myth that vapes are equally dangerous. This is wrong! Electronic cigarettes are designed in to fulfill the person’s smoke addiction. Vapes in Pakistan are available in a variety of colors and flavors. Its ingredients are less harmful. Vapes are good for those people who want to quit smoking and sheeshas. They are also good for the people who are unable to find sheesha bars, as sheesha cafes are finally closed by the government. Vapes let you get your nicotine-fix and will let you avoid tobacco the most.

Having traditional types of cigarettes are always trendy in Pakistan. However, most of the smokers are unaware of the dreadful effects smoking creates on the human body. Some of these are lungs diseases such as lungs cancer, mouth & heart diseases, shortness of breath, yellowing of skin, nails, and teeth and much. Unfortunately, some of the people are aware of these problems but they find it difficult to avoid this addiction.

Vapes/electronic cigarettes are ideal for such people. It is because vapes do not contain tobacco. It only contains nicotine but in less quantity. Vapes contain liquids known as E-Juice or E-Liquids. These are called juices in Pakistan available in different flavors. These flavors are made from ingredients such as Propylene Glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavors. Sometimes, it may also contain water with food colors. From all these ingredients, only nicotine is toxic in nature, but it is not used in high amount. Remaining all the ingredients are all accepted and approved by the FDA (American Food & Drug Administration). You can use vapes in Pakistan without any worries! Nicotine-fix vapes do not cause cancer, as nicotine is just a stimulant like caffeine. You can find nicotine in trace amounts in a few vegetables as well.

I hope you will clear your concepts about electronic cigarettes after reading this blog. If you want to get rid of harmful smoking and sheeshas and if you also crave for them, then I would definitely recommend you to throw all your cigarette packets away and begin taking electronic cigarettes (also termed as vapes). If you are unable to find good quality and awesome looking vapes with attractive features in Pakistan, you are on the right site! We provide a massive variety of vapes in different flavors and vape tanks, having stunning specifications. Just go through the long list and make your choice!