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Tanzax Vapors


by Azfar Naeem 19 Jan 2024


Traditionally, most people begin their vaping journey by purchasing a starter kit. Vape starter kits are a hassle-free, easy way to become a vaper with little to no effort.However, trends are changing by the minute. The vaping craze has spread to the younger generation, who prefer to purchase disposable vapes to get their fix. Retailers estimate that the disposable vape market grew exponentially from 2021-2022, rising by 833%!

So, if you are new to vaping and don’t know what equipment to try out first, stick with Juicemate as we try to answer this very pressing question. Who will win the battle of the vapes: starter kits or disposable vapes As sealed devices, you don’t need to tamper with their components to start vaping. Just open the box, remove your vape from its packaging and take a deep breath.

Disposable vapes are more affordable than traditional tobacco products. For example, a pack of 20 cigarettes costs an average of £10. The Elux Legend Mini is a 600-puff vape equivalent of 40 cigarettes! For just £4.99 per vape, it’s easy to see why people choose a disposable vape as their starting point.

Not to mention, the array of flavours available has expanded over the years. There are more than you could ever imagine, ranging from minty to fruity, smokey to coffee. There is truly no end to the combinations you can try.

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