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The Best Vapes for Flavor

by Azfar Naeem 19 Jan 2024

The Best Vapes for Flavor

Power Output: If you’re not getting as much flavor as you like, try increasing your wattage. Devices with boosted output should work for most flavors.

Coils: Coils are key to getting flavor out of your juice. Heating wire and heating cotton are the most important elements for a perfect vaporization and flavor reproduction. Using a coil past its time will give your juice a horrible taste. Replace your coils before they get to that point.

Airflow: Airflow has a huge effect on flavor. Airflow is the movement of air from the coils to your mouth.

If you set the airflow high, you’ll get a smooth, cool vapor with less flavor. Some people enjoy that. If you don’t, set the airflow lower. This forces the vapor out more quickly, which makes the vapor warmer and more flavorful. Experiment with different settings to find the one you like best.

Steeping: Some e-juice flavors need to steep before they reach their full flavor. To steep juice, remove the top and put the bottle in a cool, dark place. If your juice seems flavorless, try steeping it for a few days to see if that helps.

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