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by Azfar Naeem 19 Jan 2024

What is a Vape – How Do They Work?

Before you can learn how to vape properly, you must first understand what a vape is and how it works. Vapes are handheld electronic devices that produce inhalable, flavoured vapour, which usually contains nicotine. Above everything else, a vape is an effective substitute for cigarettes that satisfies nicotine cravings without the 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens found in traditional cigarettes.

Vapes have been accessible to the general public for over a decade now; therefore, many designs, models, flavours and power types exist. The four major categories of e-cigarette are:

  • Disposable E-Cigarettes – Prefilled with e-liquid and are entirely disposable. (nb, not a great option if you’re environmentally conscious).
  • Vape Pens/E-Cigarettes – They come with disposable cartridges and are either prefilled or refillable.
  • AIOs – They have a replaceable coil and are refillable.
  • Pod Vapes – They have disposable cartridges and can be prefilled or refillable.

Although there are different options, the basic components of a vape are usually the same:

  • Batteries – The rechargeable batteries found in vaping devices can be built-in or removable, with modern vapes usually containing 18650 batteries or a close equivalent. The battery source of a vape can also be referred to as a vape mod.
  • Tanks – Sometimes referred to as an atomiser, tanks hold the coil and a reservoir to hold additional e-liquid. There are different types of tanks categorised as rebuildable, sub-ohm and regular.
  • Coils – Also known as atomiser heads, coils make vape juice from the e-liquid tank by heating it to produce vapour.
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