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Vaporesso PodStick Review: Two Pods and Three Power Levels

by Azfar Naeem 19 Jan 2024

Vaporesso PodStick Review: Two Pods and Three Power Levels

The Vaporesso PodStick has the look of a top-fill AIO device; only the pod at the top is removable.
The pod is self-contained as it consists of all the essential pieces like the mouthpiece, coil, and juice container. Although it is not so powerful, the pod and battery section connects via a magnetic connection as users have to force the pod into the bay.

The pod and battery together stand at just over 4” (4.3”, to be precise). The rest of the PodStick’s dimensions are 22mm wide (0.8”) and 18mm across (0.7”). It is ideal for this type of device, as it is lightweight and portable, but with a little heft. The outer layer of the PodStick has a smooth, glossy finish and stands up well to any smudges or fingerprints.

The exterior of the device is an aluminum alloy with a unique material added – PCTG – to make it more durable. There is a single, brass-colored power button on the front of the unit.

It has a good throw and does not get stuck when pressing it, which users have to do not only to activate the battery but to fire the device. The button also controls the three power modes available for each of the pods.
Each pod has a different coil type.

  • The pre-installed pod has a mouth-to-lung CCELL ceramic coil that can handle a power output of between 9-12.5W.
  • The other pod in the kit uses a mesh-style coil and has a resistance of 0.6ohms.
  • The sub-ohm, direct-lung coil, can handle a power range between 17-22W.

Vapers can adjust the power levels via a single button. There are five LEDs right below it that show the distinct levels as well as the battery levels. The power modes are color-coded, with red the lowest, blue in the middle, and green the highest. At the very bottom of the device is a micro USB port to charge the 900mAh battery.

Vaporesso PodStick: The Look and Feel

The PodStick has several color options available, from pure black to gold, and two options called Splashed and Phantom.

The gloss of every color is outstanding, and the device keeps its glow long after heavy use. The device uses lightweight build material, so it is very easy to take with you or put in your pocket.

Vaporesso PodStick: Battery Life and Performance

The PodStick features a 900mAh internal battery, which is in the standard range of similar refillable pod devices.

Users can expect different duration times based on the type of pod they use and the power mode.

The mouth-to-lung pod has a lower maximum power limit of only 11W, while the pod with the sub-ohm coil can hit a high output of 22W.

With regular to moderate use, on a full battery, users can expect at least a full day of use at the highest power level for either pod. The five LEDs that run along the front of the device also indicate the battery level. All five LEDs lit up means full power, as the power decrease, so to do the LEDs with one LED illuminated, meaning its time to recharge.

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